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The patient suffered from Periodontitis for 35 years. Full mouth implantation helped to solve her long-term complex and help to find the love of her life. Recently we have heard from her that she is getting married.

The patient at the age of 40 turned for help, he had no chewing teeth on his right side of (lower jaw) and molars on the left side. He was recommended to install 7 implants: 4 implants on the right and 3 on the left. The next day after X-ray CT and diagnosis, implants were installed.

The 60-year-old patient suffered from the chronic pulp inflammation. After removing most of the teeth, the implantation was executed. He promised that he would diligently look after his newly acquired teeth and regularly check with the dentist.

The 20-year-old patient had serious tooth decay due to the numerous cavities. There were only roots left – molar tooth on the right (upper jaw) and molar tooth on the left (lower jaw). During the planned operation, the roots were removed and implants were installed simultaneously.

The 20-year-old patient (theater and musical actor) had a gap between his teeth. after gum recession (receding gum) procedure veneers were installed. The patient was pleased with the new beautiful smile.

The patient replaced old PFM crowns (front teeth) which considerably differed from his natural teeth, to the new Zirconia crowns. The patient stayed very pleased with a result.

The 25 years old patient had an old amalgam filling. Just within one-hour Cerec inlay filling was made in the clinic’s lab followed by a final setting. The patient was really surprised with such prompt and satisfying results.

The 35-year-old patient used a dental bridge for several years which finally got split. After removing a bridge was discovered that there is a severe cavity on the front teeth. After canal treatment and professional whitening new Zirconia crowns were installed on the front 4 teeth.

The 20-year-old patient wanted to restore an enamel fracture on the front tooth. After dental workup was found that canal treatment needed for the front teeth. 4 crowns were installed on the front teeth in order to create a beautiful smile line. The patient stayed very pleased with a final result.

The effect of whitening will last longer if you follow simple rules of ordinary oral hygiene: brush your teeth twice a day (morning and evening), and remove food leftovers after meals.

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